IT-Indago training services provide several options for planning your educational path.

Trainings are conduct by a certified instructor.

Public training

A traditional knowledge learning method, conducted by a certified engineer with extensive experience in the field. Classes are held in a training center in Prague. Each participant receives access to an independent training desk. The prepared test environment simulates problems similar to those that occur in the production environment. Each of the students solves them individually, under the professional eye of the trainer.

Dedicated training

Dedicated training is provided at the training center or on-site at the client. The training program is tailored to the individual needs of the client. Computer equipment is provided to participants and laboratories are personalized for training.

We adapt the time to customer availability.

Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge of the same level that public training offers. The great advantage of this option is the exclusion of transport costs and availability from anywhere. Virtual Academy combines the traditional training model with virtual transmission. The academy consists of:

  • Interactive remote session with certified instructor

  • Practical workshops – exercise servers

  • Expert advice – the instructor’s answers to the questions asked individually