Preventing leaks of confidential files and folders

Warnings about connecting an external hard drive or USB flash drive and copying sensitive files.

Additional warning about the number of files being copied.

Working with any web-based system in order detect exporting confidential information

Defining alerts for individual actions in web applications that may violate security policies. On the left, an example of exporting a financial report from Salesforce CRM – the action triggers a warning.

Detecting attempts to log on to cloud services and possibility of exporting sensitive files

Używanie odpowiednich filtrów w celu wykrycia usług w chmurze i potencjalnego wycieku informacji. Obsługa wszystkich dostępnych usług takich jak Dropbox, Google Drive, Fileshare i wiele innych.

Use appropriate filters to detect cloud services and potential information leaks. Supports all available services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Fileshare and many more.