Phishing is the #1 Attack Method

Phishing is the primary method of entry in 90% of cyber-attacks world-wide and many high profile breaches emanate from a single, successful phish. Since it typically takes more than 200 days to detect a breach, global organizations need to focus their efforts on prevention and response to neutralize these highly successful attack methods.

Human-Driven Phishing Solutions

Even with record investments, the number of breaches attributed to phishing attacks, continues to grow. It’s obvious that technology alone can’t solve the problem. That’s why PhishMe solutions focus on engaging the human–your last line of defense after a phish bypasses other technology–for better prevention and response.

Phishme Products

PhishMe Simulator™ – Reducing Employee Susceptibility to Phishing

PhishMe Simulator uses industry-proven behavioral conditioning methods to better prepare employees to recognize and resist malicious phishing attempts – transforming your biggest liability into your strongest defense.

Phishme Reporter

PhishMe Reporter™ – Simple Reporting for all Employees

PhishMe Reporter is an easy-to-use email client add-in that enables users to report suspicious emails with a simple click. The user-generated reports are then forwarded to your security teams containing the full header and attachments of reported emails for further security analysis and incident response.

PhishMe Triage™ – Phishing Incident Response

PhishMe Triage is the first phishing-specific incident response platform that allows security operation and incident responders to automate the identification, prioritization and response to threats delivered via phishing emails.

Phishme Intelligence

PhishMe Intelligence™ – Phishing Threat Intelligence

Available as a stand-alone product or integrated with the PhishMe solution suite, PhishMe Intelligence is a high-fidelity, human-verified intelligence service to enable security teams to identify, block and investigate ongoing and evolving threats. Threat data is delivered in multiple forms to effectively prepare and respond to attacks.

PhishMe Triage In Action

PhishMe Triage gives incident responders the visibility and analytics needed for email-based attacks occurring against their organization in near real time. PhishMe Triage  operationalizes the collection and prioritization of employee-reported threats whether from other sources or directly from PhishMe Reporter. Available as an onpremise or cloud-based virtual appliance, PhishMe Triage seamlessly integrates with your existing SIEM, malware and domain analysis and threat intelligence solutions across a variety of infrastructure environments.